About Rick

Hi, my name is Rick Shagoury. As a child, I enjoyed school projects involving things like dioramas, posters, cartoons, and filmstrips. I loved being told a story with the help of classic illustrators like Quentin Blake or Tomie dePaola.

Later, during high school, an aunt connected me with an internship at a major global advertising agency in Boston for two consecutive summers. My love for being creative coupled with this experience convinced me that, although I didn’t yet know the correct term for it, I wanted a career in visual communications.

After high school, I attended Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, enjoying the privilege of studying under world-renowned illustrators such as Murray Tinkelman, Bob Dacey, and Roger De Muth.

Shortly after graduating, I cut my teeth at a New Hampshire construction company doing entry-level web design and marketing work until I was offered a position at PFERD INC,. where I have been responsible for graphic design, web design, video, displays, and managing trade shows and marketing programs for almost 12 years.

I currently live in Marlborough, MA with my wife, Andy and our two dogs Ducky and Oscar. When I’m not at work or traveling to trade shows I’m the resident handyman and chef.

Have a look at my professional résumé here.


This is me managing a trade show.

This is me managing a trade show.