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So, I'm generally a happy guy. I don't ask for much from life, I keep my expectations realistic. Expectations such as common courtesy and consideration from other human beings. I feel like this is an endangered species of human behavior, and most of my complaining and anger stems from observing other humans being jerks, or. ...
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Video book trailer for Fiery Roses, the sequel to the action-packed romantic adventure A Band of Roses.

The discovery of offshore gas ensnares Irish Princess Talty Boru and her Royal Consort Neil in a web of blackmail and murder. When the locals object to plans to run pipelines over ancient bogs, an arsonist tries to change their minds. The resulting conflict proves fatal for the Boru clan, whose members again close ranks to thwart the latest threat to the kingdom they are sworn to protect.

Music by Kevin McLeod –

Book Trailer for “A Band of Roses” by Pat McDermott.

In a modern world where High King Brian Boru’s descendants still reign, Crown Princess Talty Boru becomes a pawn in a high-stakes gamble for offshore oil. Exiled from Ireland, Talty hides her true identity to escape would-be assassins. Her travels range from Japan to an eleventh century Ireland, and though she unearths a miracle worth more than any oil well, she only wants to return to her family and Neil Boru, the adoptive cousin she secretly loves and cannot have—or so she thinks. Neil has a secret of his own, one that emerges as the Boru clan works with England’s MI6 to thwart an invasion of Ireland and bring Talty home.

– Music by Kevin McLeod

For any form of satire to be considered truly great, I believe it has to walk so close to the truth that it's barely distinguishable from it. Whether exaggerated or slightly understated, satire is probably my favorite form of comedy. It often brings about some of the most sophisticated, clever, and disturbing genius comedy has. ...
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